2007-03-23 backlog

Trevor Metz

Ok, so this actually has been put off since about 2006-07-22 which is the download date on  6 of the 7 songs I have right now (which are: A World Apart, A World Apart – In Ambience, Changing Times, I Can See Fuji From My Balcony, Rubicon, and The Unfortunate).

It looks like he’s now known as Andries and has a SoundLift page here, Myspace here, and probably a dozen other music pages elsewhere. I should probably go look in more detail and find some other songs to put on my iPod to listen to while I drive to encourage less profanity.

Adjectives I wrote:  Atmospheric, ambient, relaxing

Where to get it: The SoundLift page. For now.


Wow, I only have one song (Blue Sky) from this artist, and it’s from his SoundLift page on 2007-03-23. But apparently I liked it and then forgot about it, probably out of being really busy.

I should also check this artist out and get some more songs.

 Adjectives I wrote: Gentle, ambient, dreamy
Where to get it: The SoundLift page.



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