2007-07-25 backlog

Kahvi Collective has been one of my favorite music sites since maybe 2006. Every release I can remember has always been of very good quality and included some interesting album artwork. Any Kahvi link I post is generally going to have a link to a full download of the album in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.

General Fuzz - Red Balloon

“Red Balloon” by General Fuzz

This is kahvi #216. Here’s what I wrote:

  • More beat-oriented; sometimes mysterious
  • I listened to these before bed; they had some nice imagery and visualizations

Dream Lab - Cryogenic EP

Dream Lab – Cryogenic EP

This is kahvi #186. I wrote:

  • 1st half: Dreamy, thick, emotional. “Cryogenic Suspension II” is familiar.
  • 2nd half: More enigmatic, complex, beat-driven. “Chemical Karmasutra” has a signature sound

I think when I said “familiar” and “signature” I meant that some distinctive melodies were involved that were very hard for me to forget.

Some of these same songs are on the Cosmotherapy album (CARD010) from Cardamar Music. I ordered a copy in 2007-10 and it’s one of my favorite albums.


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