2007-07-25, more backlog

 Coax - Celethyst

Coax – Celethyst EP

This is kahvi #185. I described it as fast-moving and squirrely. It differs a bit from most of the other things I’ve heard on Kahvi, but I still like it.

Workbench - Detour

Workbench – Detour EP

This is kahvi #171. This has been on my playlist since at least 2006-07 but I was too lazy to make a note of it, despite having listened to it probably more frequently than any other album.I wrote…

  • Soothing, melodic, uplifting, “textured” but not overwhelming.
  • Lengthy (particularly the last 2, 13+ minutes each), but flowing very well and maintaining interest through changes
I love this entire album. It’s extremely relaxing, but without being boring or dull.
Brioskj - Escape from the City

Brioskj – Escape from the City

This is kahvi #198. I remember that it’s one of my favorites, and apparently I wrote:

  • Kinda enigmatic, complex, dissonant in spots
  • Good transition across album

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