2007-10-13, backlog

Cardamar - Sequence Breaker

Cardamar – Sequence Breaker EP

This is Cardamar PARO011. I got this as a promo CD with “Cosmotherapy” by Dream Lab.

  • Somewhat normal Cardamar sound (piano, generally gentle)
  • #3 is notable (Radioactive Granny) despite the strange name
  • Melodic, layered, with some light beats

Where to get it:  I don’t know, because it’s no longer sold at Cardamar Music.

Dream Lab - Cosmotherapy

Dream Lab – Cosmotherapy

This is Cardamar CARD010. I probably already mentioned it in this entry. Here are the old notes I wrote:

  • Some of this I’ve heard before (Kahvi #186) and already know I like
  • I like the female vocals where I hear them
  • A couple different sounds here…
  • “I’ll Guide You” – dreamy, atmospheric, elevated, delicate
  • Stuff from Kahvi #186, and its various sounds
  • I don’t know, but I like basically the whole album.

Where to get it: See the Cardamar page; it’s on CD Baby, iTunes, AudioJelly, Tradebit, and probably a few other places I haven’t heard of.


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