Workfest with Christian Appalachian Project, day one

It’s quite different.

People are open. Their groups are open.

It’s a difference between being pushed away from people constantly, and being pushed toward them, so one does not constantly need to fight back against the repulsion.

Maybe it’s the types of people. Maybe it’s the environment. But it’s wonderful. Maybe similar to the way I felt in Seattle when I visited there last year.

Months in Cincinnati and I might never meet a new friend… hours here and I’ve made several already.

It’s good to see Lea for a change, instead of just emailing. Corrie’s also very friendly, and so are most of the other people from the class for that matter. Max and Dan tolerate me being around them, which is good when they’re the only two that I have talked to much.
People I’ve seen so far just look like generally very good people – honest and practical and benevolent and grateful, and not trying to escape or cheat the system for their own greed. Put them in certain cities, and maybe that would emerge – but they’re here.

They’re out of that context. They look like they’re in the context they belong.

My Canon camera is probably almost out of battery power, despite efforts. I should have brought the charger. But I have the Kodak too. Maybe it will show some of the picturesque terrain.

Camp AJ from one angle (full size)Arriving at Camp AJ (full size)Playground and climbing wall near entrance road


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