Workfest, day two

Proceed with first work day.

Due to loud snorers and periodic heater-startup and my cell phone failing to be a usable alarm after its batteries drained in standalone mode for no apparent reason, causing me to believe it was 6 AM when it was probably around 2 AM . . . I had very little sleep, and woke up pretty groggily and felt like eating nothing and doing nothing.

This wore off pretty easily once I was at the work site with my crew. I was working with Corrie at first, and she was cheerful and this helped; Connie, the owner of the house we were helping repair, was also extremely kind to us.

Most of my morning consisted of putting up fanfold insulation on some walls. Despite constant hammer-pounding and cold, it was pretty peaceful, maybe calming (in a “stage crew” sort of way, like in high school when I discovered that painting flats and beating the crap out of things with hammers was very stress-relieving)… though tiring for my hands and arms.

It reminded me a bit of working on the grounds department at KMCN, except that the surrounding area was miles of country, not just a collection of flowerbeds and trees in the city. I will need to bring my camera and get some pictures of the rooms loading there, as well as the house and its environment.

A bluegrass band (Phillip Akemon and Flatlick) also came tonight. They were very good; I have a few pictures and short video clips (though Kirsten probably has most of it in a much higher-quality format).

I was talking to Lea and she told me she hated being around some of the Christians here… I don’t totally blame her, even if I don’t have the same view (yet). My view is that they are having a very positive outcome, and if they have to believe what they believe to achieve it, then so be it. They aren’t pushing beliefs on anyone else, so I can’t really criticize much.
30 PM?

Phillip Akemon
Phillip Akemon
Mike Morgeson

Mike Morgeson

Kevin Amburgey & Phil

Kevin Amburgey & Phil

Phil & Phil Jr.

Phil & Phil Jr.


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