Workfest, day four

Typical morning, finishing up of some work, watching a deck get assembled…

After that we went to a church about 30-40 minutes away and had dinner with the families whose homes we were repairing. Some people got up to talk and expressed a lot of gratitude in general.

Sometime on the drive back to camp with the rest of my crew, we all basically lapsed into some mix of a sugar-high combined with slap-happiness, and we were laughing and screaming the whole way back over really nothing in particular, fueled by the occasional 55-mph tight turn with a bus and semi truck in the other lane, and random songs on the radio (which otherwise had been off until now). Ma’Isah randomly grabbed me during her overdramatic dancing to “Rescue Me,” which was a bit odd, but also quite funny.

Once back at camp, the colleges split up to meet, and it seemed everyone from UC was just as slap-happy and high on sugar/caffeine/whatever. They already were laughing at MJ (or maybe with him) about some conversation revolving around underwear or something I completely missed, and the meeting was just a sort of continuation of that. We attended to all needed business, like evaluation forms that we had to fill out – we just happened to be laughing the entire time. Kim, for instance, saw that I had written “cute fluffy kittens” on the part of the form where I was supposed to note a high point of the trip, and she confused “kittens” with “mittens” and then proceeded to laugh her ass off for about 5 minutes.

She also asked the group if they thought they’d like to meet afterward sometime just to get ice cream or something, because we all seemed to be enjoying being around each other and it would be weird to suddenly leave and cease to meet again. Holly also asked who’d like to return to Workfest next year, and MJ suggested talking to honors at UC about that, as people didn’t have to come as part of a class – it could just be a university function.

It’s odd… it’s like we all started meshing and being friends.

It’s miles apart from other environments I’ve been in, where I had suspicion that it was not my fault that I couldn’t enter people’s social boundaries and felt that they were putting up walls to keep me out. Sometimes those suspicions would leave and I’d blame myself for being who I am, but if I have no trouble befriending multiple people over a few days, I must be doing something right.


Sky in the morning

We were repairing Connie’s house; this photo has Andy (one of the crew leaders), Connie, and Heather (Connie’s daughter)Andy, Connie, Heather

More progress on the deckMore progress on the deck

Random cat that would hang aroundRandom cat with no tail


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