Stuff I Experienced At Work Today?

  1. Declared myself a complete asshat for writing a blog about nothing
  2. Declared myself a lazy bastard for using iTunes to subscribe to podcasts to put on my iPod and listen to while driving in to work. Whatever, I get sick of Clearchannel and raving right-wing lunatic talk radio.
  3. Broke the printer after two pages
  4. Discovered that while both my managers described the intern who had just left as essentially clueless, she had decorated the cubicle in interesting tiny artworks made with post-its and highlighter, like this:
  5. Was very glad that I took 2 hours several months ago to document WTF I was doing when I left, because I certainly did not remember
  1. Was told I needed to cut my hair, which is true
  2. Heard the random Canadian guy comment about all the snake-handling that he thinks goes on in Appalachia (and the venom from those snakes, he claims, is from female brain cells)
  3. Was mistaken for someone who cared during some discussion about why baseball and the Cincinnati Enquirer suck
  4. Read The Democratization of the Music Industry by Jeff Price
  5. Read about TuneCore of which Jeff Price is the CEO… it would be more interesting to me if I actually created any music to sell on it
  6. Read about gizmo which my friend described as like Skype, but better.
  7. Basically nothing

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