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More scrap notes, starting 2008-04-18



  • “True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society” – Farhad Manjoo (Amazon) – in a way, a more factual approach to people judging by “truthiness” rather than truth
  • “Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think” – George Lakoff (Amazon) – who knows, might be interesting


  • People that some guy labeled as “hard left”: Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Gore Vidal, Howard Zinn, Naomi Klei
  • Artist that I like who appears to have not released any songs in 2 years: John Schmidt (CNet Music Library)
  • Some other artist I also marked as liking despite the generic name: Digital Trance (Dance-Industries)
  • Artist I don’t particularly like, but who has had songs in my collection for 4 years for some reason: Eye Candy (personal site)
  • One that I liked for being “ambient, pretty soothing + flowing”: Organic Frequencies (CNet Music Library)
  • Some artist that I like for similar reasons: Rec.Hat (Myspace, CNet Music Library)


  • Glenn Greenwald (Wikipedia entry) – apparently wrote some interesting books, criticized the corporate media, and so on.
  • Economic Mobility Project – “The Economic Mobility Project is a unique nonpartisan collaboration…blahblahblah… Our purpose is to provoke a more rigorous discussion about economic mobility in America by presenting new findings and research, and analyzing the effects of social, economic and human capital factors that may impact one’s ability to move up the economic ladder over a generation.”
  • Another netlabel I like some music on: Rohformat (and I was listening to “flight of birds” by ronin, which I’d link to but the site is down right now)
  • Artist which makes me most sad to find he has not released anything in years: LMK (CNet Music Library)


  • Decent album by Easily Embarassed: Darkened Emotion EP (free download courtesy of Cardamar Music)… I wrote “electronic, flows pretty well, beat-oriented”
  • From the same source, “Another Day in the Clouds” mixed by Cardamar is good; it’s available at their mixes page . . . I wrote “gentle, ambient, soothing”


  • More artists: Windcheater (Beatpick, Myspace)
  • Beatpick, apparently, is a service that offers DRM-free music under the Creative Commons, allows people to license the music, splits profits 50/50 with the artist, allow free non-commercial use, etc.
  • Another artist, also of the house genre: Zeropage (personal site, DMusic, and SoundLift for the tracks I originally had from 2005).
  • Another artist, this one more of the trance genre: Edzes, or Andreas Bruvoll Skaarung (CTG Music)
  • An ambient artist that I think I like: Art of Infinity (personal site, Myspace). The place I originally found him (Interconnected Musicmedia, now SoundLift) no longer has his page, but he appears to be thriving without it.


Software I had at one point for some reason:

  • arbaro: tree generation for POV-Ray as described in “Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees”
  • Bliss intellivision emulator
  • DarkPlaces: modified Quake engine that, for me at least, works a bit better on modern hardware and OSes than the original
  • Flock: “the social web browser”, or, the browser that I used to use because it allowed me to do bulk uploads to Photobucket. It appears to now support a lot more, with regard to interaction with online social networks.
  • knotplot: plots knots… or, visualizes knots from a mathematical perspective.
  • Nosefart: Nintendo Music Player which handles NSF files from NES games.
  • ScummVM: multiplatform VM to play old adventure games, such as from LucasArts (I am probably completely butchering these terms), provided you have their data files. Beneath a Steel Sky is one such game, now available as freeware, apparently of the cyberpunk genre.
  • Namazu: full-text search engine, as in a piece of software that you can install on your own servers if you wish
  • Art of Illusion: “Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio. It is written entirely in Java…” . . . I’ve used it to make 3D meshes for POV-Ray and it works quite well for being written in Java.

Post-its and scrap notes, starting 2008.04.03


So, my bag now has a big stack of scrap notes in it, just from things I jotted down at work… these should probably go online…



  • “Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam: Or, How Not to Learn From the Past” – Lloyd Gardner, Marilyn Young (Amazon)
  • Open Media Now! foundation – has the goal of open media infrastructure; apparently the same guys who made Gnash
  • Ohio InfoSec
  • “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements” – Eric Hoffer; published in 1951, discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism (Amazon)
  • IBM Power6 at 4.7 GHz benchmarks
  • Ken Miller – biology professor, notable for combining evolution with belief in God and rejecting creationism and intelligent design; wrote “Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution” (Amazon)
  • “Outline of Intellectual Rubbish” – Bertrand Russell (e-text here)
  • “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” – Naomi Klein (personal site, Amazon)
  • same author: “No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs ” (Amazon)
  • “The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot” – Naomi Wolf… for a bit more apocalyptical point of view (Amazon)
  • “War is a Racket” – Major General Smedley D. Butler – booklet/speech from 1930’s (e-text here)
  • MUCS-PCB – PCB design software (GPLed) from University of Manchester
  • – software to let a PC control a CNC machine; according to archivist in #electronics on Freenode, this can use a parallel port (with some level converters and optoisolators) to control four stepper motors, and the CNC itself can be made from largely a lot of scrap parts

Alexander Blu


Alexander Blu - MayAlexander Blu - Moderato

Alexander Blu header

Alexander Blu

  • I had a song by this artist from 2005.08.13 (from Interconnected MusicMedia, now known as SoundLift) which I never really listened to… but finally got around to listening to, and I found the artist is still around and writing songs.
  • His personal site is here. His albums are available online under the Creative Commons. He also has a decent collection of digital pictures, some videos, and slide shows.
  • His description of the music: “…electro genre (Instrumental Music) with frequent use of electric guitar and Instrumental Lullabies for kids and adults in electro ambient genre. My music philosophy is that music should be relaxing and not burdening to the listener.”    . . . basically lines up with how I’d describe it.
  • I’ve listened to “Moderato” and “May” so far, but a few other albums are there as well.

Where to get it:  Here at his home page.