Semi-organized scrap notes, 2008.05.26-2008.06.01

Political/otherwise controversial

Technical blah

  • For some “brilliant” explanations of why most science is completely wrong, Louis Savain’s site is a good reference
  • You can score the site on The crackpot index by John Baez (“A simple method for rating potentially revolutionary contributions to physics”)
  • The Join-Calculus from INRIA in France – “…a process calculus. It provides a simple support for distributed programming.”
  • JoCaml from the same place; basically Objective Caml plus Join-Calculus
  • INRIA also made SciLab which is quite useful as a free tool for numerical computation, particularly if you hate MATLAB.
  • uClinux – embedded Linux/Microcontroller project, for MMU-less systems… website is very slow as of late for some reason
  • ELKS (Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset) – in case you really want to run a subset of Linux on an Intel 8086, 8088, 80186, 80188, 80286, 386 in V86 mode, or Psion SIBO
  • JLime – Jornada Linux Mobility Edition, which runs quite well on some HP Jornadas, like the 680, which is good in cases like mine when the included WinCE is one giant pile of fail

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