2008.06.07 – 2008.06.17, yay notes

Potentially political

  • Meetup – find groups of a given topic or interest, near whatever location you give… or “Get on the Internet to get off the Internet
  • Legal Rights of Photographers by Andrew Kantor  (or this PDF) – very informative and helpful to know
  • The Photographer’s Right flyer by Bert P. Krages II, which is actually what I was trying to find when I found the link from Andrew Kanto
  • “The Sum of Our Days: A Memoir” by Isabel Allende (Amazon)
  • Local indie band, “Bad Veins” – my friend Carolyn wrote their name down a few years ago and told me to check the band out, and I stuck the piece of paper in a folder and forgot about it… then coincidentally when I finally looked them up online, realized I had already read an article about them months prior in Citybeat

Pretty obviously political

  • The Ruckus Society – “provides environmental, human rights, and social justice organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals.”
  • Free Press – nonpartisan organization working for media reform
  • “The New Media Monopoly” by Ben H. Bagdikian (Amazon)
  • Daily Kos – “State of the Nation”,


  • Arduino – “an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.” Can be purchased pre-assembled or built by hand; software and CAD files are available at the site.
  • FreeIO – “Free Hardware Design Resources for the Free Software Community” though looks slightly dead
  • Gallium3D – “Tungsten Graphics’ new architecture for building 3D graphics drivers.”; only interesting to me because it might mean better Linux drivers for 3D graphics cards.
  • BAZIX One Chip MSX – apparently implements some computer called the MSX, and does it using an Altera FPGA… I don’t know
  • Hypercomputing HC-62 – just some ridiculously fast computer with 36 GB of RAM and eleven FPGAs
  • Holografika – true 3D holographic display, visible with naked eye, so the site claims (and has videos to show)
  • Astak Mentor ebook reader – epaper-based, claimed to get 8000 pages per charge, support TXT, PDF, RTF, HTML, on a WinCE-based OS, with SD expansion card and wireless; there is a 5″ version (800×600) should be $200, 9.7″ (1280×825) for $350. Should be available Real Soon Now(tm).
  • iRex iLiad looks to have better specs and it is Linux-based, however it’s also $600-$700 (but it’s actually for sale)
  • Graphics Gems by Andrew Glassner – a set of books I should probably read eventually so I stop reinventing the wheel every time I program anything


  • serdisplib – library to drive serial displays with built-in controllers (like the Optrex LCDs I messed around with at work)
  • ACML (AMD Core Math Library) – heavily optimized routines for LAPACK, BLAS, FFT, transcendental & random number generation, utilizing SIMD instructions available on AMD CPU
  • Similar – SIMDx86 – optimized SIMD library for x86 (I don’t think it does x86-64)
  • FBReader – ebook reader for Linux/Windows, intended for portable devices. Handles Plucker which I found really useful on Palm
  • sdtcon – “Simple and secure remote access over SSH… provides easy to configure, easy to use, secure remote and out of band access to systems and devices inside a private LAN or management network.”; works via SSH and Java on Linux/Windows
  • FreeRTOS – free, portable, open source, mini realtime kernel for embedded systems, like ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M3, MSP430, MicroBlaze
  • DjVu – digital document format with very high compression and quality for scanned documents or photographs… too bad it’s not nearly as well-supported as JPEG and other raster formats, lossy or otherwise
  • C optimisation tutorial – from 1998 but still pretty relevant
  • DSP DesignLine – lots of useful articles and technical papers about programming for DSPs (such as this one about Programming and Optimizing C Code)

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