2008.06.18 – 2008.07.09, really overdue notes


  • http://www.ucapps.de/ – “Non-commercial DIY Projects for MIDI Hardware Geeks”
  • http://midibox.org/ – Looks like a blog about various other MIDI-related DIY projects
  • Nvidia Tegra –  “features a GPU, media processor, system memory, peripherals and a CPU all in one ultra-low power chip, smaller than a US dime (10-cent piece).”
  • Ethernet Mini Board

Geek Articles/Software

Hippie Stuff

  • MoBo Bicycle Coop – “The MoBo Bicycle Co-op is a non-profit, volunteer-run collective dedicated to providing every member of the Tri-State area access to bicycles, maintenance, and education.” (also Myspace site)
  • AskWish
  • Hegelian dialectic – remind me to read this in detail and find why it pertains to politics

Hippie Geek Stuff

  • Owner-free Filesystem – “distributed filesystem in which everything is stored in reference to randomized data blocks” and bound to be soon pissing off a legal system near you
  • What Colour are your bits? – relevant to intellectual property somehow but I haven’t read it yet.
  • Traffic Waves – “sometimes one driver can vastly improve traffic.”
  • “Big and Bad” – Malcolm Gladwell’s opinions of SUVs and their marketing. (same Malcolm Gladwell who wrote Tipping Point though I didn’t make this connection when I read the article)



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