2008.07.26 – 2008.08.03 stuff



  • The Black Beast – my friend Jessica made this flourless cake and it’s pretty supremely awesome


Political & hippie stuff

Programming & computerish crap

  • Papers about Self and OO – I haven’t read any of these, but I should
  • Bad Mojo – some pretty well-reviewed adventure/puzzle game from 1996 which happens to run on DOS/Windows/Mac
  • The not-so-short introduction to LaTeX 2e – PDF about LaTeX
  • Kile – integrated LaTeX environment
  • XeTeX – a merging of TeX with Unicode and modern font technologies
  • Apache FOP – “print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) and an output independent formatter.” from the Apache XML Graphics Project
  • Hercules 390 – The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator… incidentally, TRON Guy is in charge of the project
  • The LiveCD List from FrozenTech – Table of info about Linux distros available as LiveCDs
  • INSERT – the Inside Security Rescue Toolkit, a Linux distro that comes with various tools for rescue and recovery; it’s a 60 MB download so it works well as a LiveCD or USB-stick
  • Open64 – the Open Research Compiler, used originally on Itanium and now on Nvidia CUDA; it is under GPL
  • BrookGPU – “Brook for GPUs is a compiler and runtime implementation of the Brook stream program language for modern graphics hardware.”
  • OpenCL – “a language for programming heterogeneous data and task parallel computing across GPUs and CPUs.”; initial implementation is on LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) and clang


  • LM317 – According to Cowclops, this variable linear voltage regulator can be a good way to limit current and voltage for charging an SLA.
  • JOP: A Tiny Java Processor – A hardware implementation of the Java Virtual Machine; it can be put onto a low-cost FPGA, so the site claims, with the VHDL source (which is GPLed)
  • OpenPCD – Open RFID Reader for 13.56 MHz; site provides the schematic, PCB layout, Gerber files, bill of material, and some software
  • OPEX – A “Unique Operating System” for the AVR microcontroller
  • Use, Abuse, and Misuse of Amplifiers by Bob Pease – online seminar from National Semiconductor (or “webinar” if you prefer… which I don’t); beware, page is quite large
  • Operational amplifier usage (also from National Semiconductor)… handy for stuff to do with op amps.



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