• Here is the first post made to my WordPress in an automated way…
  • I guess here is where I put “Hello, world” and for once it’s actually kind of accurate because the post is going where the world can see it.
  • So, uh, Hello, world
  • Well, damn, my program has a bug that makes it impossible to post more than one entry per day. It’s a very obvious bug, too.



  • http://www.tanashabitat.com/ (Tana’s Habitat – a site Jane recommended for useful information about living on your own. It looks far more suited to her gender than to mine, but it still has some good advice.)


  • Perl 6 has two main interpreters:
  • Stuff about Erlang I should remember:
    • shared-nothing, async message passing
    • single assignment
    • strict or eager evaluation (as compared to lazy evaluation like in Haskell)


  • http://www.truly-free.org/ – The Burgomeister’s Books, a large library of ebooks; you have a borrowing quota but items are downloadable and in open formats

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