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  • Here and here – videos from Prof. James Duane and Officer George Bruch about why talking to the police is almost never a good idea.


  • omploader – A place to upload files. It can also be done with a firefox extension or in a script.
  • Paperback, from the OllyDbg guy. This lets you store data on paper (about 500 KB for A4 at 600 DPI).


  • HTML5 Canvas Experiment – Perhaps good for comparing different Javascript engines. It chokes on Firefox 3.5 on my Atom 330, but works well on 3.6.
  • – A file sharing site which Wired mentioned because of its ability to set an expiration date on any file you upload. It also appears to have a collection of other, much cooler features for collaboration.


  • Bash cures cancer – Some helpful stuff for commandline Unix/Linux. It seems to have not been updated in about a year though.
  • Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! – My friend Lincoln showed me this. It’s a decent Haskell tutorial with some very oddball illustrations.
  • How to Design Programs – A book, freely available online, which teaches software design using Scheme (or is it DrScheme?)
    • How to Design Worlds: Interactive Programming in DrScheme – Another freely available book from the same guys that made HtDP, but this one is about writing interactive applications using pure functional programming.


  • Kongregate – A large collection of rather addictive online Flash games.


  • The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto; the full text is readable for free online. I haven’t read it, I just noted the link, so I can neither agree nor disagree with the contents of it.
  • Wishcraft by Barbara Sher; I came across this motivational book from Havi Brooks. I haven’t read this either, but I should at some point. It’s free as a series of PDFs.