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  • Queen City Discovery – An interesting blog about urban exploration in Cincinnati that some guys in Hive13 told me about
  • Amidst a pile of other new-age and holistic bullshit in some free magazine, I miraculously discovered an ad for the “Uptown Farmer’s Market” at Garden Park – 3581 W. Galbraith Road, Fridays 12-7, Saturdays 10-2, 513-238-6616


  • MapReduce – I don’t care what your opinion of MapReduce is or how much it might suck, I am just putting this here so I will encounter it later and remember that it exists.
  • Epigrams on Programming from Alan Perlis – Written in 1982 but still pretty true.




  • Balance of Power – A geopolitics game by Chris Crawford (also with his interesting essay/article here).


  • We the People Network – I was searching for an image of the Declaration of Independence here and discovered they have rather high-resolution scans (like, the Declaration is 63 megapixels) of that and many other historical documents too.